Greatest Hits


Greatest Hits was Phil’s sixth and final studio album. It was released in 1970 on A&M. There are several things that made this album distinctive. One, it was all new songs, so it was not a greatest hits album. Two, it clearly shows the early influences on Phil of country music. Third, it was by far the most musicians he had ever used on an album. It also contains one of his most famous lines, as far as self-deprecating humor goes. On the back of the album it proudly proclaims, “50 Phil Ochs’ fans can’t be wrong.”

Track Listing

“One Way Ticket Home” – 2:40
“Jim Dean of Indiana” – 5:05
“My Kingdom For A Car” – 2:53
“Boy In Ohio” – 3:43
“Gas Station Women” – 3:31
“Chords of Fame” – 3:33
“Ten Cents A Coup” – 3:14
“Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Me” – 5:05
“Basket in the Pool” – 3:40
“No More Songs” – 4:31


Phil Ochs – guitar, piano, harmonica, vocals
Van Dyke Parks –  keyboards
Clarence White – guitar, backing vocals
Laurindo Almeida – guitar
James Burton – guitar
Bob Rafkin – guitar, bass
Chris Ethridge – bass
Kenny Kaufman – bass
Gene Parsons – drums
Kevin Kelley – drums
Earl Ball – piano
Lincoln Mayorga – keyboards
Mike Rubini – keyboards
Richard Rosmini – pedal steel, harmonica
Ry Cooder – mandolin on “One Way Ticket Home”
Don Rich – fiddle
Gary Coleman – percussion
Tom Scott – tenor saxophone
Bobby Bruce – violin
Anne Goodman – cello
Merry Clayton, Sherlie Matthews and Clydie King – backing vocals
Bobby Wayne and Jim Glover – harmony vocals

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