Phil Ochs released six studio albums and two live albums during his lifetime. (A new album has been discovered on which Phil sang, Camp Favorites, but he is not credited on the album itself. It was recorded before any of the other albums)

All The News That’s Fit To Sing (Released April 1964 on Elektra)
I Ain’t Marching Anymore (Released February 1965 on Elektra)
Phil Ochs in Concert (Released March 1966 on Elektra)
Pleasures of the Harbor (Released November 1967 on A&M)
Tape From California (Released May 1968 on A&M)
Rehearsals For Retirement (Released April 1969 on A&M)
Phil Ochs’ Greatest Hits (Released February 1970 on A&M)
Gunfight At Carnegie Hall (Released April 1974 on A&M Canada)

The following albums were released after his death in 1976.

Chords of Fame (Released August 1976 on A&M)
Sings For Broadside (Released 1976 on Folkways)
Interviews With Phil Ochs (Released in 1976 on Folkways)
A Toast To Those Who Are Gone (Released June 1986 on Rhino)
The War Is Over: The Best of Phil Ochs (Released 1988 on A&M)
There but for Fortune (Released 1989 on Elektra)
The Broadside Tapes (released in 1989 on Smithsonian Folkways)
There and Now: Live in Vancouver 1968 (Released 1990/91 on Rhino)
Live at Newport (Released in 1996 on Vanguard)
American Troubadour (Released in 1997 on A&M)
The Early Years (Released in 2000 on Vanguard)
20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best of Phil Ochs (released in 2002 on A&M)
Cross My Heart (Released 2002 on A&M)
On My Way (released in 2010 on Micro Werks)
Live Again! (Released in 2016 on Floating World)
Live In Montreal (released in 2017 on Rockbeat)
Best of the Rest: Rare and Unreleased Recordings (Released in 2020 on Liberation Hall)


I Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore/That Was The President (Released in 1966 on Elektra)
Cross My Heart/ Flower Lady (Released in 1967 on A&M)
Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends/Miranda (Released in 1967 on A&M)
Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends/Outside of A Small Circle of Friends (Radio edit) Released in 1967 on A&M)
The War Is Over/The Harder They Fall (Released 1968 on A&M)
The World Began In Eden And Ended in Los Angeles/ My Life (Released in 1969 on A&M)
One-Way Ticket Home/ My Kingdom For A Car (Released in 1972 on A&M)
Kansas City Bomber/Gas Station Women (Released in 1973 on A&M)
Bwatue/Niko Mchumba Ngombe. Recorded in Kenya, released in Africa only. (Released in 1973)
The Power And The Glory/Here’s to the State of Richard Nixon (Released in 1974 on A&M)


Broadside Ballads Vol.1 (Released in 1963 on Folkways)
Newport Broadside (1964)
New Folks (1964)
The Newport Folk Festival (1964)
Broadside Ballads Vol. 3 (Released in 1964 on Folkways)
Folksong ’65 (1965)
The Folk Box (1965)
A&M Family Portrait (Released in 1965 on A&M)
Fantastic Folk (Released in 1968 on Elektra)
Greatest Folksingers of the ’60s
Broadside Ballads Vol.6  (Released in  1972 on Folkways)
Get Off (1973)
The Bitter End: The First Ten Years (Released in 1973 on Roxbury)
Song For Patty (Released in 1975 on Folkways) (Sammy Walker on which Phil appears and produced)
Canto Obrero (Released in 1976 on Americanto)
Lest We Forget Vol. 3 (Released in 1980 on Folkways)
Storytelllers: Singers and Songwriters (1987)
Troubadours of the Folk Era Vol.2 (1992)
Best of Broadside 1962-1988 (Released in 2000 on Folkways)
Philadelphia Folk Festival 40th Anniversary (Released in 2001 on Sliced Bread)
Amchitka: The 1970 Concert That Launched Greenpeace (Released in 2009 on Greenpeace)
Daytrotter Presents (2014)

Box set:

Farewells & Fantasies

The infamous lost record:

Camp Favorites (Released in 1962/3 by Cameo)

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