Biography from Texas State Historical Association 

Biography from Staunton Military Academy Alumni Association Hall of Fame

Interview with Sonny Ochs. May 16, 2014

Phil’s Writings at Staunton Military Academy

Interview of Phil with Studs Terkel. May 1971 on KPFT

Phil Ochs at the Club of Our Own,
Houston, Texas, February, 1971

Memorial for Phil Ochs / produced by Ed Pearl
Program dedicated to political songwriter and performer Phil Ochs (1940-1976) that includes a May 1973 Studs Terkel interview with Ochs and close friend Bob Gibson, and Ed Pearl interviewing Ochs’ brother and manager Michael. Studs Terkel interview includes Ochs and Gibson singing songs from and discussing Ochs’ life and musical career. Michael Ochs talks to Ed Pearl about Phil and plays songs from Chords of Fame, a best-of compilation Michael produced months after Phil’s death. Broadcast on KPFK in 1981.

In Their Own Words

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