Musical Tributes

The following tribute albums (containing Phil’s songs) have been released:

Learn: The Songs of Phil Ochs

Poison Ochs

We’re Going To Sing It Again!

We’re Going to Sing It Now!

What’s That I Hear?

Spotify list of tributes. 

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  1. thanks for including song for Phil, Sadly it’s the only song I have on youtube and I didn’t exactly have all that much in the way of decent recording equipment.Tony.or storyteller)

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  2. Thanks for including both versions of my “Broadside Balladeer” in the Phil Ochs tribute collection: the full Crazy Planet band 1987 recording and the acoustic guitar with fiddler Eric Golub on the “9/11 Truth & Justice Songs” CD released on 9/11/11. I am presently working on a video with still photos placed over the soundtrack of my May 1973 interview of Phil Ochs at WGTB in DC with Rich Lang on his Interface show. Will let you know when I post it at Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel! Vic Sadot

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