Bandicoot Aesthetic

This week, we get back to requests and cover two very different songs about the haves and/or the have-nots – “No Christmas in Kentucky” by Phil Ochs and “Toy Jackpot” by Blackalicious. Thanks again to Benito for the request!

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A Small circle of friends : a tenth anniversary tribute to Phil Ochs

Collections of songs and music in honor of Phil Ochs.

r.1. Power and the glory / Fred Small ; When I’m gone / Magpi ; Pretty smart on my part / Rod MacDonald ; Bound for glory / Sis Chunningham and Sammy Walker ; I ain’t marching anymore/ Sammy Walker and Jim Glover ; No more songs / Joe Heukerott and Lydia Adams Davis ; A song to those who are gone / Magpie ; Santo Domingo / Magpie ; The Ballad of William Worthy / Fred Small ; Too many marters / Paul Kaplan (40 min.) — r.2. I’m tired / Eric Anderson ; Outside of a small circle of friends / Dave Van Rank ; There but for fortune / Tom Paxton ; Draft dodger rag / Jim Glover ; Jim Dean of Indiana / Sammy Walker ; Miranda / Melanie ; Chords of flame / Melaine ; What’s that I hear / Happy Traum ; Here’s to the state of Ronald Reagan / Magpie (43 min.).

Recording made available from Pacifica.

The Ballad of Ochs and Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot first came to prominence during the folk boom of the 1960s. On a tip from his friends Ian & Sylvia, Lightfoot was signed by their manager Albert Grossman, the Greenwich Village impresario who also handled the careers of Odetta and Bob Dylan. Right away, Lightfoot found his songs covered and turned into hits by the likes of Peter, Paul & Mary and Marty Robbins. From then on, Lightfoot’s compositions appeared on hundreds of albums by other artists, including Dylan, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Nico, Fairport Convention, the Grateful Dead and, later, the Replacements, Paul Weller, Mary Margaret O’Hara, the Dandy Warhols, Billy Bragg and Neil Young.

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