Legacy: Interview with SONiA (disappear fear)

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Legacy episodes focus on the enduring impact that Phil Ochs has had on those who knew him, on his fans, and on folk music as a whole. 

In this episode, we sit down with SONiA, aka Sonia Rutstein of disappear fear, to talk about the impact Phil Ochs had on her life and her music. Learn even more about SONiA at her website: https://www.soniadisappearfear.com/ and be sure to check out her wonderful tribute album, “Get Your Phil”!

Busy, busy

I apologize for my lack of posts in the last year. I never quite got the hang of this format, not to mention I’ve had a lot on my plate with podcast work.

Some updates:

  • The podcast is up and running! I couldn’t figure out how to host the RSS feed here, but you can find God Help the Troubadour on any podcast platform or at the direct link here. As of right now there are two episodes out, and a bonus “Legacy” episode which is an interview with Phil’s sister, Sonny Ochs.
  • More episodes are now in the works; the regular scripted episodes are on hiatus, but I am picking up on writing those again. In the meantime, I’m booking interviews with people from Phil’s circle as well as artists who were influenced by Phil. I’m currently editing my interview with SONiA, who did a fabulous tribute album titled Get Your Phil.
  • When I decided to start work on the show, I applied for the Phil Ochs fellowship grant from the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, OK. Unfortunately, my project was not accepted for the grant, but I still plan on researching in the archive when I can pull together the funds to travel there.
  • Since last August, I have been in contact with Sonny Ochs. Well, “in contact” is an understatement. In June I spent about three days at her home in upstate New York.
  • I started a Patreon. If you like my work and want to help support me, becoming a patron will really help. Patrons can access exclusive, behind the scenes content as well as early access to podcast episodes.

Thank you everyone for sticking with me, I will try to start posting regularly again. You can also follow the Celebrating Phil Ochs Twitter account here, which I am much more active on.

Farewells & Fantasies,


Salutations + Phil Ochs Podcast

Hello readers! My name is Tori, and I’m here to help break the long Phil Ochs fast.

A couple things: I have recently started work on a podcast about Phil, titled “God Help the Troubadour: The Eternal Voice of Phil Ochs”. I go into detail in this video:

I’m not making any promises, but my goal is to start releasing episodes by December 19 this year, Phil’s 80th birthday. I’d like to host episodes and their liner notes here once I get the ball rolling. Thanks to the sheer amount of research this project requires, I have already acquired plenty of content––mostly in the form of articles and interviews––which I’ll be happy to share. Thanks for stopping by!



Celebrating Phil Ochs will be going on a bit of a hiatus. The site will remain up, but the posts will stop for awhile. This has been a five year labor of love, and it’s a good time to take a break. See you all in awhile.