We’re Going To Sing It Again!


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1. Chords of Fame- Steven Gellman (Germantown, MD)
2. Marching In Your Footsteps- Brian Clash (Columbus, OH)
3. Is There Anybody Here?- Patrick Bonier (Blaine, MN) 
4. Knock on the Door- Noah Goldstein (Spring Lake, NJ)
5. Days of Decision- Tammy Metz (Reston, VA)
6. Cannons of Christianity- Tim McMullen (Rowland Heights, CA)
7. Phil Ochs’ Blues- John “G-Town Johnny” Fisher (Goettingen, Germany)
8. What’s That I Hear?- Steve Vitoff (Huntington, NY)
9. Too Many Martyrs- Nelson Jancaterino (Montgomery, AL)
10. Lou Marsh- Noriega & David Torrico (Madrid, Spain)
11. Iron Lady- Patrick Clark (Fort Wayne, IN)
12. Hands- David Lenander & Greg Bohen (St. Paul, MN)
13. Changes- Zachary Stevenson (Vancouver, B.C., Canada)
14. Pleasures of the Harbor- Tori Nelson (Ames, IA)
15. Cross My Heart- Paul Middleton (Warrington, England)
16. Broadside Balladeer- Vic Sadot (Berkeley, CA)

CD is dedicated to the memories of Greg Bohen and Vic Sadot.

Executive Producer: Shannon Hammock

Cover designed by José Manuel Noriega Fernández

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        1. When Phil published it, he published it under Cannons of Christianity. When I had to get the license to include it on the CD, that’s what it’s under as no such song as Canons of Christianity exists. It was printed in his second song book as Cannons of Christianity with a copyright date of 1965, which was before the album came out. The copyright was renewed in 1968, after the album came out, as Cannons of Christianity. That’s the official name of the song.


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