We’re Going To Sing It Again!


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1. Chords of Fame- Steven Gellman (Germantown, MD)
2. Marching In Your Footsteps- Brian Clash (Columbus, OH)
3. Is There Anybody Here?- Patrick Bonier (Blaine, MN) 
4. Knock on the Door- Noah Goldstein (Spring Lake, NJ)
5. Days of Decision- Tammy Metz (Reston, VA)
6. Cannons of Christianity- Tim McMullen (Rowland Heights, CA)
7. Phil Ochs’ Blues- John “G-Town Johnny” Fisher (Goettingen, Germany)
8. What’s That I Hear?- Steve Vitoff (Huntington, NY)
9. Too Many Martyrs- Nelson Jancaterino (Montgomery, AL)
10. Lou Marsh- Noriega & David Torrico (Madrid, Spain)
11. Iron Lady- Patrick Clark (Fort Wayne, IN)
12. Hands- David Lenander & Greg Bohen (St. Paul, MN)
13. Changes- Zachary Stevenson (Vancouver, B.C., Canada)
14. Pleasures of the Harbor- Tori Nelson (Ames, IA)
15. Cross My Heart- Paul Middleton (Warrington, England)
16. Broadside Balladeer- Vic Sadot (Berkeley, CA)

CD is dedicated to the memories of Greg Bohen and Vic Sadot.

Executive Producer: Shannon Hammock

Cover designed by José Manuel Noriega Fernández