All The News That’s Fit To Sing


This was Phil’s first official album. It was released in 1964 on Elektra Records. It clearly reflects Phils interest in topical songwriting, with many of the songs referencing the news of the days.  Even the title itself was a play on the motto of the New York Times.

Track Listing

“One more Parade” (P. Ochs, B. Gibson) – 3:00
“The Thresher” – 2:50
“Talkin’ Vietnam” – 3:38
“Lou Marsh” – 4:04
“Power and the Glory” – 2:15
“Celia” – 3:08
“The Bells” (E. A. Poe, with musical adaptation by P. Ochs) – 3:00
“Automation Song” – 2:08
“Ballad of William Worthy” – 2:15
“Knock on the Door” – 2:47
“Talkin’ Cuban Crisis” – 2:40
“Bound for Glory” – 3:15
“Too Many Martyrs” (Ochs, Gibson) – 2:46
“What’s That I Hear” – 2:00


Phil Ochs – first guitar, vocals
Danny Kalb – second guitar
John Sebastian – harmonica on “Bound For Glory”
Paul A. Rothchild – recording director
Jac Holzman – production supervisor


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