A Toast To Those Who Are Gone


This as a compilation CD released after Phil’s death. It is mostly recordings from when he was between record companies.  “The Trial” appears only on the CD.
Track Listing
“Do What I Have To Do” – 2:36
“The Ballad of Billie Sol” – 2:24
“Colored Town” – 3:00
“A.M.A. Song” – 2:17
“William Moore” – 3:07
“Paul Crump” – 3:34
“Going Down To Mississippi” – 3:04
“I’ll Be There” – 2:10
“Ballad of Oxford (Jimmy Meredith)” – 2:51
“No Christmas in Kentucky” – 3:04
“A Toast to Those Who Are Gone” – 3:31
“I’m Tired” – 2:20
“City Boy” – 1:58
“Song of my Returning” – 5:17
“The Trial” – 2:44

Phil Ochs – guitar, vocals

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