Sonny Ochs keeps the legacy of Phil Ochs alive

“My whole life has been one wonderful accident,” declared Sonny Ochs. While an English teacher in Brooklyn, she stumbled into a career as a disk jockey, spinning folk records for WFMU and WRPI, as well as organizing events that preserve the music of her brother, Phil Ochs, whose songs of protest galvanized activists in the 1960s.


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    The second fret in Philadelphia was the premier folk/coffee house venue in the 60s.In the early to late 60s it was an acoustic establishment..It is the acoustic era that this site focuses on. Established and
    new folkies played the second fret at 1902
    Samson street. We encourage all to share their memories about the fret and share with others you know who, also went to the fret, and loved the acoustic folk music of that era.F Y I Posting. i usually post in the morning between 0700 and 1100, and typically have 3/4 days lined up in advance on paper. occasionally i will add something or change at the last minute. How? approx 80%85% of the tunes/artists are in my head The remainder i will see or hear on f m radio/face book/you tube/sirius xm. thank all of you for your continued support.

    The site is a non profit venture on my behalf.Please do not post any profit making notices you may be involved with. Doing so may lead to your termination from the site.

    Thank you
    Jim Hoffman
    posted this article on our f b site today


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