Music of the People Live 12/16/15

Today we had a live show for Phil Ochs’ birthday in the WMCB studio. We started by playing from the CD:
PHIL OCHS – Changes – The Best of Broadside 1962-1988 – 2000 Smithsonian Folkways

Then three local singer-songwriters from the Western Mass. area sang Phil’s songs. Jay and Karen harmonized when the other led the song and John played harmonica:
JOHN COSTER – There But for Fortune
JAY MANKITA – Draft Dodger Rag, When I’m Gone and Cops of the World
KAREN BROOKS – Power and the Glory

A round robin followed with all three singing their original songs:
JOHN COSTER – Walk So Proud, Ontario, Old Stones Broken Bones, Johnny Has Gone to France
JAY MANKITA – Proud to Be a Socialist, How Deep and Wide, Bessie, Lost Again
KAREN BROOKS – Wings of a Dove, Se Baba (Prayer for Peace), Motorcycle Song

The last half hour was filled with songs from CDs. Four of Bev Grant’s songs in advance of her performing at Mt. Toby Concerts on Saturday:
BEV GRANT – We Were There – We Were There! – 2002
BEV GRANT & The Dissident Daughters – In America – Cheeky Woman – 2006
WOOL&GRANT – Get the Frack Outta Here – Wool&Grant – 2013 Ina May Wool and Bev Grant
BEV GRANT & The Dissident Daughters (Jolie Rickman) – Emma Goldman – Cheeky Woman – 2006

The show ended with a song in memory of the Sandy Hook massacre of 12/14/12:
SONIA RUTSTEIN – Rio’s Home – No Bomb Is Smart – 2004

You can hear the entire show at:

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