You Can’t Get Stoned Enough

When the troubles of the world rest
Upon your weary shoulder
When the wind that blows upon
Your face is blowing colder
And every hour tells you you’re getting older
No, you can’t get stoned enough

And you’re high high high high
That’s all you want to do
Any way you get there, yeah
That’s alright with you

You’ve been warned
Warned warned warned
Seems that’s all you’ve heard
But today is your trouble
Tomorrow’s only a word

When your baby says she’ll stick with you until the end
And then she says she only wants to be your friend
And you find yourself alone out in the street again
No, you can’t get stoned enough

And when you start to feelin’ that no one cares
And it seems that all your good time friends have disappeared
And you reach into the night and find that nobody’s there
No, you can’t get stoned enough

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