There and Now: Live in Vancouver 1968


This live album was released in 1990/91. It was recorded at the PNE Garden Auditorium on Thursday, March 13, 1969.The concert featured both songs from his earlier days and songs recorded after the 1968 Chicago Convention, two distinct times time in his career.

Track Listing

“There But For Fortune” – 3:02
“Outside of a Small Circle of Friends” – 4:04
“Where Were You In Chicago? / William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park And Escapes Unscathed” – 5:05
“The Scorpion Departs But Never Returns” – 4:41
“Pleasures Of The Harbor” – 7:07
“The World Began in Eden and Ended in Los Angeles” – 3:22
“The Bells” (Edgar Allan Poe with musical interpretation by P. Ochs) – 3:12
“The Highwayman” (Alfred Noyes with musical interpretation by P. Ochs) – 6:54
“I Kill Therefore I Am” – 3:50
“The Doll House” – 4:08
“Another Age” – 4:56
“Changes” – 4:45
“Crucifixion” – 8:01
“I Ain’t Marching Anymore” – 4:25


Phil Ochs – guitar, vocals
Allen Ginsberg – bells (on “The Bells” only)

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