Tape From California (Album)


Tape from California was Phil’s fourth studio album. It was released in 1968 on A&M.

Track Listing 
“Tape From California” – 6:45
“White Boots Marching in a Yellow Land” – 3:35
“Half A Century High” – 2:53
“Joe Hill” – 7:18
“The War Is Over” – 4:25
“The Harder They Fall” – 3:52
“When In Rome” – 13:13
“Floods of Florence” – 4:52

Phil Ochs – guitar, vocals
Joe Osborn – bass guitar on “Tape From California”
Lincoln Mayorga – piano, keyboards
Van Dyke Parks – piano, keyboards on “Tape From California”
Ramblin’ Jack Elliott – flat-picked guitar on “Joe Hill”

Reviews, Ads, etc.


Billboard Jul 20, 1968

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