Smash Flop Hits

There is a town in this great nation that stands for liberty,
It deserves a great ovation for its true democracy.
Every citizen is equal, their brothers stand side by side,
And these happy smiling people are the nation’s joy and pride.

Oh, they got great big hearts in Little Rock, that All-american town,
And they’re very smart in Little Rock, their schools will never shut down!
And it’s shoulder to shoulder their citizens stand,
Respecting the laws of the Ku Klux Klan!
Well, they got great big hearts in Little Rock, that All-American town!

Bon voyage new Titanic, you’re the greatest ship on the sea!
Bon voyage new Titanic, say hello to the Statue of Liberty!
To issue a safe crossing is unthinkable,
Because I know what you are costing, you’d better be unsinkable!
Oh, it’s bon voyage new Titanic,
I’m so lucky to be sailing with you!

It’ll be a hot, hot time in Lakehurst, New Jersey,
When the Hindenburg lands today.
Well, the band will start to play,
And the people will shout “hooray”!
When the Hindenberg lands today…yay! yay!
All the way from Germany coming to us,
We know your motto is “to Jersey or Bust”!
There’ll be a hot, hot time in Kakehurst, New Jersey,
When the Hindenburg lands today!

Congradulations, President Nixon, we knew your time would come,
We are proud you could fix ’em, it was plain Kennedy was mush too young.
The minority religions will just have to wait,
Your experience will show in the great debate,
And if by chance you should lose it, and the unions and the pinkos
Come through,
Well, don’t despair, Mr. Nixon, California is a waiting for you!

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