Phil Ochs in Concert


Phil Ochs on Concert was Phil’s first live album, and his last on on Elektra. It was released in 1966. It was the last of his albums to be simply acoustic. The album featured some of Phil’s humorous in between songs musings. It was also his highest charting album during his lifetime, reaching 150.

Track Listing

“I’m Going To Say It Now” (LP-3:10; CD-3:10)
“Bracero” (LP-4:05; CD-4:07)
“Ringing of Revolution” (LP-7:10; CD-7:19)
“Is There Anybody Here?” (LP-3:41; CD-3:27)
“Cannons of Christianity” (LP-5:47; CD-6:02)
“There but for Fortune” (LP-2:47; CD-2:52)
“Cops of the World” (LP-4:48; CD-5:04)
“(The Marines Have Landed on the Shores of) Santo Domingo” (LP-5:55; CD-5:58) (listed on LP as simply “Santo Domingo”)
“Changes” (LP-4:36; CD-4:45)
“Love Me, I’m a Liberal” (LP-4:33; CD-4:37)
“When I’m Gone” (LP-4:15; CD-4:19)


Phil Ochs – guitar, vocals

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Billboard Jul 16, 1966

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