Phil ochs 1973 interview on Nixon Watergate travels in s america


Phil Ochs was interviewed by Vic Sadot and Rich Lang, host of Interface, a WGTB Public Affairs Program, in Washington, DC in early May of 1973. The Sound Engineer was Skip Pizzi. Rich Lang announces the show and introduces Phil Ochs and Vic Sadot. Vic explains that Phil is in DC for a week long engagement at The Cellar Door. Vic asks Phil about Watergate, the Senate and the press. Phil talks about “the Watergate conspiracy” and the increasing possibility of impeachment of President Richard Nixon; Rich asks Phil about Vice President Spiro Agnew; Nixon in the polls, and the significance of Attorney General John Mitchell admitting to breaking the law. Phil expresses surprise that Judge John Sirica pursued the Watergate case thus far, talks of the lack of character of Eliot Richardson, quotes John Lennon’s song, Working Class Hero, refers to “crooks” and “creeps” (Committee to Re-Elect the President), mentions FBI Director L. Patrick Gray admitting to having destroyed evidence, and the break-in to the office of the psychiatrist of Pentagon whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg. Phil talks about his appearance on a TV show called “Panorama” the day before, what some members of the international press, were saying, and notes that the German paper Der Spiegel calls it the “Nixon scandal”. Phil comments on the dignity and utility of a parliamentary vote of no confidence compared to the Congressional impeachment process offered in the US Constitution. Phil Ochs sings “Here’s to the State of Richard Nixon”, an update of a song he had previously written and released as “Here’s to the State of Mississippi”. Includes Phil’s lyrics.

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