Dave van Ronk, Patrick Sky and Phil Ochs

Dave van Ronk and Patrick Sky perform at WBAI’s Free Music Store with special guest Phil Ochs on April 21, 1973. The evening is introduced by WBAI’s Steve Rathe. The three guitarists switch off performances throughout the evening. Songs played on Part 1 of this recording include Frankie and Johnny, Casey Jones, Flower lady, [song by Patrick Sky about jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge], You ain’t so such a much, Pretty smart on my part, Ramblin’ hunchback, The legend of the dead soldier, and Here’s to the state of Richard Nixon.


Recording available from Pacifica.


Forty cents a ton : Hazard County documentary

Documentary of mining practices in Hazard County, Kentucky. Interviews with residents of Hazard who discuss the coal miners’ union, the harassment union miners faced from large mining companies, and the unofficial strikes that are being organized in Hazard County. Includes interviews with strike leaders Berman Gibson, Preacher Smith, Graham Noble, retired miner Harley Caldwell, and Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Noble; Mrs. W.P. Nolan and Louise Hatmaker of the Hazard Herald; C.E. Bean, president, District 30 of the United Mine Workers of America; Reverend Aikley[sp?] and Reverend Carroll of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and Hazard Christian Church, respectively; Drs. Creeley and Potter of the Harlan Miners’ Memorial Hospital; Ed Johnson, a non-union mine owner; Brian Whitfield III, a union mine-owner; Floyd McDowell, president of the Harlan County Coal Operators Association; and Lee Cretchfield, president of the Hazard Chamber of Commerce. Features a song by Pete Seeger and Phil Ochs, “Mining Is a Hazard”.


Recording available from Pacifica.