Improviser Eugene Chadbourne goes in all directions

“When I was in high school, I was maybe 16, I started going to see Phil Ochs perform in Boulder. He would come once a year; I think I saw him three times. It was inspiring to see someone alone on stage with his guitar, a piano and his voice, singing about things that were going on. He would bring a kind of relief in several different ways that were important for my music.”

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Where’s Phil Ochs When We Need Him?

Back in the day, if there was a protest in the offing, you could guarantee that Phil Ochs would be there. Even in Chicago, at the Democratic Party convention when the police riot exploded and all the performers chickened out, Phil was there (as were the MC5).

Today, thanks to you-know-who, there’s an upsurge in protest music. It’s not just the usual suspects either – there are many young performers getting involved. Alas, I’m not really familiar with these new voices so I’ll write a column about the ones I remember.

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