Never Bet Against The Yankees

One day I saw a poor man weeping
He put a pistol to his head
And as he squeezed the trigger
These are the final words he said:

Oh it’s never bet against the Yankees
Don’t put your money on the line
‘Cause if you bet against the Yankees
They’ll take you most every single time

Yes, there’s Mickey Mantle in the outfield
With Maris there they are the best of all
They swing as hard as Sonny Liston
But the trouble is they rarely hit the ball


One day they met the Pittsburgh Pirates
Those games were seen in every land
Those Yankees broke every single record
While the Pirates broke every Yankee fan


And then they met the LA Dodgers
Those four games ended mighty soon
Now it’s Koufax and Podres and Drysdale
They sit home now a-singin’ on this tune

They sing never bet against the Yankees,…

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