July 30-31, 1975 – New York City, NY – Folk City


SETLIST (Recording exists of show)

1. Introduction
2. Song For Patty (Sammy Walker)
3. I Ain’t Got No Home In This World Anymore (Sammy Walker)
4. Sonny Liston
5. Give My Love To Rose
6. There You Go
7. Phil talks
8. Chords Of Fame
9. Phil talks
10. Shoals Of Herring
11. Too Many Parties/ Whisperin’ Pines/ Guess Things Happen That Way/ Big River/ Big Bill/ Batchelor Till I Die
12. The Outlaw
13. Sea Of Heartbreak
14. Eight More Miles To Louisville
15. Maybe Tomorrow/ I’m Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail/ Sit Alone And Cry/ The Blue And The Grey
16. Jimmy Brown The Newsboy
17. Everyday
18. Boy In Ohio
19. Bwatue
20. Please Release Me/ Fraulein/ I’ll Be Home Someday
21. Gas Station Woman
22. Crucifixion

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