Fifty Mile Hike

Some people never get their feet on the ground,
they’re either sitting in a chair or they’re laying down
their bellies are hanging down on their knees,
it’s almost a national emergency.

Fifty miles, keep a-walking,
Twenty-five miles and you’re almost there,
Fifty miles no use a-talkin’,
better get in step with the new frontier.

Well, the President put on his walkin’ shoes
he had a country with 30 millions pounds to lose
he remembered a promise he made ‘way back when
He’s gonna get the country movin’ again.

Then everybody started getting into the act
Even Sallinger left but he soon came back
On his return he was heard to say
Fifty miles a day keeps Republicans away

Rockefeller’s happy with his brand new wife,
and Richard Nixon’s done enough running for life
and Lyndon Johnson is too busy a man
and Joseph P. Kennedy bought out Tom McCann.

So I decided I would carry my load
I grabbed a carton of cigarettes and I hit the road,
The golf clubs were heavy and the gin was slow
If you want to get healthy, that’s the way to go.

While everybody’s goin’ out and havin’ fun
they ought to lose some weight in more ways than one
fity miles of thinking is a heavy strain
but it’s about the only cure, for an overweight brain.


Billboard Jul 27, 1963

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