Martyn Joseph planning a tribute to Phil Ochs set

WELSH singer/songwriter Martyn Joseph, whose ‘Here Come The Young’ album has received enthusiastic reviews, spoke to RnR magazine about his intention of recording an album of songs written by folk singer/songwriter of the ’60s, Phil Ochs. Said Joseph, “I’m working on a few other things including a tribute to Phil Ochs. In 1993 I opened for Clannad in the US and the local paper said I was quite Phil Ochs-ish and I said ‘Who’s Phil Ochs?’ I looked him up and liked his music. Later I met Sonny Ochs, his sister, who is trying to keep his legacy alive. It was sad how [his life] ended but he was one of those originals and the young generation don’t know him. I hope to put out an album.”

Read more at….Martyn Joseph planning a tribute to Phil Ochs set

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