Kareem Abdul-Jabbar quotes Phil

We all are entitled to our opinions, but when those opinions translate into actions that affect the whole community at large, we have a responsibility to scrutinize those opinions, to hold them to a higher standard of reason. Denying your players their freedom to express their concerns sends a clear message that you don’t value your black players’ values. You’re telling them that they must abide by your white perception of social justice even though you have no experience with the kind of institutional injustice that robs their community of lives, hope and a future. You are owners in that you own the franchise, but you don’t own the players or their hearts and minds. I’m reminded of the song from protest singer Phil Ochs, “I’m Gonna Say It Now”:

Ooh, you’d like to be my father you’d like to be my dad,

And give me kisses when I’m good and spank me when I’m bad.

But since I’ve left my parents I’ve forgotten how to bow,

So when I’ve got something to say, sir, I’m gonna say it now.

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An open letter to the NFL’s owners


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