Sounds: In search of Jim and Jean

Will the real Jim and Jean please stand up?

Is it Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, who played Mitch & Mickey in Christopher Guest’s “A Mighty Wind”?

Is it Justin Timberlake and Carey Mulligan, who played Jim and Jean Berkey in “Inside Llewyn Davis”?

Or is it Jim Glover and Jean Ray, the actual Jim and Jean, who released three folk-rock albums in the mid-1960s?

The answer should be obvious, but isn’t quite. Because the real Jim and Jean are probably better known as the actors and actresses who pretended to be them.

Even after the movies, from 2003 and 2013, were released and praised, and it was mentioned that the musical acts were modeled after the duo, interest in Jim and Jean never kindled. They remain as unknown as back when they were jockeying for fame and attention alongside their contemporaries and friends Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Judy Collins and Tom Paxton.

Jim Glover grew up in Ohio and befriended and roomed with fellow folkie Ochs at Ohio State University. He was already a talented guitarist and banjo player when they met. He taught Ochs how to play guitar, and they briefly were a duo, the Sundowners.

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