A Small circle of friends : a tenth anniversary tribute to Phil Ochs

Collections of songs and music in honor of Phil Ochs.

r.1. Power and the glory / Fred Small ; When I’m gone / Magpi ; Pretty smart on my part / Rod MacDonald ; Bound for glory / Sis Chunningham and Sammy Walker ; I ain’t marching anymore/ Sammy Walker and Jim Glover ; No more songs / Joe Heukerott and Lydia Adams Davis ; A song to those who are gone / Magpie ; Santo Domingo / Magpie ; The Ballad of William Worthy / Fred Small ; Too many marters / Paul Kaplan (40 min.) — r.2. I’m tired / Eric Anderson ; Outside of a small circle of friends / Dave Van Rank ; There but for fortune / Tom Paxton ; Draft dodger rag / Jim Glover ; Jim Dean of Indiana / Sammy Walker ; Miranda / Melanie ; Chords of flame / Melaine ; What’s that I hear / Happy Traum ; Here’s to the state of Ronald Reagan / Magpie (43 min.).


Recording made available from Pacifica.

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