Are we living in an age-reversed version of ‘Wild in the Streets’?

That they just happened to get carried away, bringing worse than they had suffered, betrays the filmmakers’ own reactionary beliefs. The movie stars the forgotten Christopher Jones — then famous for headlining the show “The Legend of Jesse James” — but Max’s shoes were originally to be filled by folk god Phil Ochs. He took a look at the script and turned it right down, and rightly saw it for what it was: A youth movie written by scared olds, saying that it misrepresented the real revolution.

Ochs was right; it did. But maybe it accidentally predicted a second revolution, to come a half-century later. The people who voted for Trump may have have seen “Wild in the Streets” during its first run. Now Trump is their own Max Frost. Or it may really be Steve Bannon, who’s spoken about his dream to dismantle the government, just as Frost once did on the big screen.

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