Phil Ochs’ Last Recording?

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  1. This recording took place Christmas Eve 1975 at my (Dave Peller) apartment in Soho that I shared with Larry “Ratso” Sloman and Phil when he felt like it. Phil picked up a guitar and started to sing and I decided to record it. For the time being it seemed that Phil’s psychotic episodes during the dog days of the summer of ’75 had reached a zenith at Gerde’s in October and with Che, and Phil had now moved to a different and calmer place on the bipolar spectrum. He had not been drinking and had been writing obsessively. He was planning an album that would be an unflinching narrative of his psychosis over the past year and had at least ten songs in various states. Five of those songs are represented here. The working title for the album was Duel In The Sun. Soon after the New Year Phil started to come around less until he eventually moved in with his sister Sonny in Far Rockaway. We would talk on the phone but I would never see him again.


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