Eric Andersen on Camus, Byron, Dylan, and Ochs

When I first saw Eric Andersen perform, I was floored by the sheer beauty of his music, voice, and lyrics. It was 1974 in a tiny downtown Denver club called Ebbets Field that no longer exists, and the entire audience appeared mesmerized by every word he sang. He played “Violets of Dawn,” “Thirsty Boots,” “Is It Really Love at All,” and other songs that were delicate, colorful, insightful, and downright poetic. At that time, I thought no one could write songs as well as two of my favorite musicians, Bob Dylan and Neil Young, but I immediately put Andersen in that company.


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  1. I met, chatted with and interviewed Eric Andersen in the mid-1970s at Stanhope House, in NJ. I’d been a fan of his beautiful songs for a decade and it was such a treat. I’ve always viewed his work as in the same category as Ochs, Dylan, and Young, although, with the exception of his wonderful song, “Thirsty Boots,” somewhat less political than the aforementioned artists, something Eric confirmed during the interview. It was such a treat to meet him and get a chance to tell him how much I loved this songs.


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