PHIL OCHS and JOHN LENNON Revolution in a Hotel Room “Do You Know Any in E?”

Many have heard the tape of Phil Ochs and John Lennon jamming on CHORDS OF FAME in a hotel room in Ann Arbor, Michigan, December 10, 1971, but few have heard what came after!

Phil and John played one more tune, Phil’s RHYTHMS OF REVOLUTION !

Amusingly, Phil keeps picking songs that show off his lyrics, but John is more interested in learning to play his slide guitar, here asking “Do you know any in E?” It’s John Lennon, so Phil chooses a song about Revolution. It’s in G, but that’s all right.

John inquires if Phil wrote Chords of Fame at the time he was friends with Dylan, then gamely adds some tasty licks, and is pleased when he ends the song right with Phil.

Jerry Rubin comes in on drum.

A Beautiful, Historic meeting of Revolutionary Heroes! We are about halfway between John and Phil’s 75th Birthday Celebrations! Enjoy!

That evening’s concert can be found at [Phil’s up at 17:20]. DIG IT !

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