Phil on Science

At 14:49, Phil has a small bit about science.

Wondering About Things
by Larry Yust
Published 1971

Laymen as well as celebrities in the sciences and creative arts give their views and values regarding their creative efforts and technological society. Their answers add up to the view that science is an indispensable part of mankind’s hope for the future. Interviewees include Haskell Wexler, Joan Baez, Ann Halprin, Benny Bufano, Art Hoppe, Zubin Mehta, Phil Ochs, George Pimentel, Ben Maddow. Interviews are mixed with video collages. Jeanne Robinson was production manager, cinematography by Isidore Mankofsky

Run time 21:37
Producer Lawrence Hall of Science
Production Company Wexler Films
Sponsor Jeanne Pimentel
Audio/Visual sound, color

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