Le Coup D’Etat

As most fans know, Phil towards the end of his life owned a bar called Che. It was not a very successful bar, Phil himself was thrown out of it more than once, and it rather quickly closed. But Ruta Maeda, a member of Facebook group Celebrating Phil Ochs’ 75th Birthday,  was in France and found a cafe that Phil might have enjoyed,  Le Coup D’Etat.

12026429_828764260576328_1029369423_n  12030961_828764247242996_1943907321_n  12007136_828764293909658_1119766766_n  12026669_828764297242991_2053267109_n  12047384_828764267242994_314627798_n  12007148_828764287242992_84621108_n

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