Phil Ochs: The Forgotten Man of the ‘60s Protest Era

“With street protests on the rise across America, right now is a perfect time to remember  folk singer and songwriter Phil Ochs. Ochs’ prolific contributions have been largely overlooked in documentaries about the turbulent protest era of the ’60s and ’70s.”


2 thoughts on “Phil Ochs: The Forgotten Man of the ‘60s Protest Era

  1. I have never forgotten Phil Ochs. I remember the first time I saw his picture on his first album at age 15 in 1966 and asked my friend, who is that? My love for him started then. I was learning guitar and bought his early songbook, which I still treasure, keeping it preserved in plastic. I was fortunate to see him many times in NYC in that era. I was at the concert in Carnegie Hall for Pleasures of the Harbor. I remember the gold lame suit and the negative reactions he got from that. He was an icon to all of my very activist/ folkie /guitar playing friends. These days, as part of my job as a group leader in a mental health out patient program, I lead a sing along group. I have taught the group members all about Phil and the songs “There But for Fortune” and ” Power and Glory.” I tell them how he killed himself – and how sad that was and still is – and they can relate because of their depression and mental illness histories. Phil will always be in my heart.


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