Thinking about Phil Ochs

Very touching remembrance of Phil.

brief salvage

As I write this, You Tube is running in the background.  When I move to the kitchen soon to make lunch, I’ll switch to one of my personalized stations on Pandora. A quick glance at my Twitter page reveals that among the friends, writers, musicians, filmmakers, meteorologists, news broadcasters, and the plethora of others whom I follow, there are a handful of famous celebrities; people you watch on major television networks who attract thousands of fans – technology makes communicating with them instantaneous and incredibly easy.  So much so, that it seems quaint to talk about transistor radios. Yet, on Christmas morning in 1966 when I was eleven years old, I danced throughout the house in delight because my parents had given me one.

I grew up in a rural area roughly an hour north of Detroit.  From the time school closed in June to the day it opened in…

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